Derwent View want you to have a magical experience this Christmas. Here are a few safety points to

make sure everyone has a great time.


Derwent View is an outside event, you need to be aware that there are natural hazards, such as tree

stumps, uneven ground, rabbit holes, muddy and slippery conditions when its wet etc. We request

that your children are kept under your supervision at all times, and not allowed to climb on walls, or

fences. If you have any special mobility or access needs, please inform us before you come, as some

activities may not be suitable.

You will be able to bring pushchairs, but will not be able to take them into the activities areas, they will

need to be left outside these areas, at your own risk.


Please make sure you bring suitable, appropriate clothing as we can not guarantee the weather,

including gloves, wellies or boots, its always a good idea to bring a change of clothing.


Our Christmas wonderland is a children’s event therefore we ask guests not to bring dogs with them

to the site.


We have a no smoking policy in all our pods, and we have designated areas, please only smoke in

these areas, and respect the non smokers we have at our event.


We operate strict guidelines, regarding this, alcohol only allowed outside your own pod, or in the bar

area, there is strictly no walking about with alcohol. Anyone found under the influence of any drugs

will be asked to leave without explanation.

Derwent View accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the loss or damage or theft to personal items.

Derwent View accepts no responsibility whatsoever to personal injury or death caused to whilst you

are on our premises, except where this has been caused by or negligence. Any accident must be

reported to a member of staff immediately.

To ensure the enjoyment of everyone taking part in the activities, you must observe all notices and

rules around the site.

By taking part in any of the activities you are agreeing that you have read and understand the rules

and terms and conditions set out and understand that all members of your party, including any minor

does so entirely at your own risk and that you are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all

the applicable rules.


Welcome to Derwent Views Winter Wonderland event terms and conditions. These terms and

conditions apply to booking and attending the event, by using Derwent View website, Facebook or in person

and by booking or attending the event, or accessing the site you agree to be bound by them.

By attending the event or taking part in any activities, you acknowledge that you have read,

understood and accept the conditions and agree to abide by the safety guidelines and rules. You also

accept that Derwent View cannot accept liability for injury caused due to non compliance with the

safety guidelines and rules.

Derwent View reserve the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of the booking process, the

use of our facilities and the event without prior notice.


Once purchased, no refunds will be given, if for any reason you can’t attend the event after the

deposit, or all payment has been paid, you may not transfer or sell this booking to anyone else.

The only circumstance in which refunds may be given is where Derwent View has to cancel the event,

due to unforeseen circumstances, strictly no refunds will be given due to weather, unless Derwent

View can not proceed with the event.

No refunds will be given where:-

a) a customer arrive late, or not at all.

b) a customer has been asked to leave by a member of staff belonging to Derwent View.

c) Any letters from Santa don’t arrive, or arrive late that are posted in accordance with Royal Mail

recommended Christmas posting times.

d) Inclement or cold weather effects the event.


You cannot sell or transfer your booking unless the permission of Derwent View Has been given to do

so. there will be a charge of £7.00 to change any booking information, so please make sure

everything is correct on the booking form.


Where any part of the event has to be cancelled or re-scheduled, we will use our reasonable

endeavours to notify customers.

Derwent View has the right to cancel any booking that they have reasonable ground to suspect they

have been made fraudulently.

If any payment has been rejected by the designated payment system or payment has not been made

by the required date the booking will be automatically cancelled.


Any personnel information we have received from you in order to provide you with a great experience,

and any personnel information about your children, we will treat this information confidentially and we

comply fully with all applicable data protection laws.

We confirm that any information you have given us will never be passed on to any third parties, and

will only be used by Derwent View.


All persons on the booking must comply with the event safety guidelines. If anyone in your party does

not follow the safety guidelines and rules or behaves in a way which is likely to cause damage,

nuisance or injury, Derwent View has the right to eject the person from the event.


Derwent View can not be held responsible, for any persons that for whatever reason can not get to

the event.

Anyone attending the event whether staying in the pods or just on a day ticket are responsible for any

loss or damage they or a member of their party may cause, whilst attending the event.

Derwent View accept no Liability for any claims, costs, damages or losses suffered by anyone

attending the event.